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Financial Operations
Welcome to Advance Media, your gateway to cutting-edge payment solutions and core banking platforms. Our white-label options integrate seamlessly for efficient financial operations.
Core Banking Platform
Our core banking platform leads in financial technology, streamlining operations from account management to complex transactions.
Innovative Payment Gateway
Secure swift transactions with our versatile payment gateway for businesses of any size. Boost customer satisfaction and trust with seamless payment processing.
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Who we serve
At Advance Media, we specialize in offering comprehensive payment solutions, including payments middleware and cashier services equipped with a diverse array of payment processing tools.

Our primary client base includes:
Banks, Payment providers, Gaming companies, Online stores, Electronic wallets, and many others.
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Diverse Payment Options with Advance Media
Card Processing
Accept payments via debit and credit cards for enhanced convenience.
Internet Banking
Enable secure and efficient online banking transactions for your customers
Mobile Payments
Embrace modern mobile payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay to cater to mobile users
Electronic Payment Systems
Seamlessly integrate with popular electronic payment systems such as Skrill, PayPal, Stripe, and many more
Local APMs and Cash Payments
Cater to regional preferences with local alternative payment methods and cash payment options
Main features
  • Account Issuing
    Go global effortlessly by issuing unlimited virtual and physical accounts in multiple currencies, all in real-time. With our APIs, you can offer customers multi-currency accounts, including digital wallets and mobile e-wallets.
  • Transaction Processing
    Streamline your customers' money transactions. Facilitate seamless fund transfers globally or locally through our Fintech infrastructure. Connect to various payment networks to cut costs and accelerate fund settlement.
  • Transaction Orchestration
    Streamline your financial operations. Scale faster, reduce complexity, and optimize your payment flows with standardized transactions across various providers, from card processing to digital wallets, and beyond.
  • Scalable Infrastructure
    Our platform provides a rock-solid foundation for your financial operations, allowing you to scale effortlessly as your business grows. Whether you're serving hundreds or millions of customers, our infrastructure can handle the demand
  • Agnostic Flexibility
    We understand that every business is unique. That's why Our platform allows you to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of financial systems, payment networks, and partners. You have the freedom to choose the solutions that best suit your needs
  • Redundancy and Reliability
    Your reputation and revenue are of paramount importance. Our Core Banking Platform ensures fully redundant operations, minimizing downtime and safeguarding your business against disruptions
API-First Approach
At the heart of our offerings is a powerful API, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems. This robust API framework enables rapid deployment and a high degree of customization, giving you the flexibility to innovate and scale as needed.
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White Label Solutions
Tailor-made for your brand, our white-label solutions offer a unique opportunity to provide high-quality payment services under your own brand name. Elevate your business identity with a personalized touch.
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