Who we serve
At Advance Media, we specialize in offering comprehensive payment solutions, including payments middleware and cashier services equipped with a diverse array of payment processing tools. Our primary client base includes:
  • Banks
    We provide banks with cutting-edge payment solutions to enhance their customer experiences.
  • Payment Providers
    We collaborate with payment providers to optimize and expand their payment processing capabilities
  • Gaming Companies
    Our services cater to the unique payment needs of gaming companies, ensuring seamless transactions for gamers
  • Online Stores
    E-commerce businesses rely on us to streamline their payment processes, improving conversion rates
  • Freelance Platforms
    We offer tailored payment solutions for freelancers and content creators, facilitating their earnings and monetization
  • Electronic Wallets
    Our expertise extends to electronic wallets, delivering secure and efficient payment processing
  • Travel
    Streamlined payments simplify the entire travel journey, from booking to payment to managing expenses, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving growth.
  • FinTech Startups
    Secure payment solutions help FinTech startups onboard customers quickly, boost user engagement, build a strong brand, retain customers longer, and expand globally.
  • Other
    Efficient payment processes enable businesses to streamline online transactions, manage subscriptions, upgrade SaaS services, monetize content, and receive payments seamlessly.